Book Ms. Wellness as Keynote Speaker

Health and Nutrition Keynote Speakers

We are available for public speaking engagements and healthy cooking demos.

We believe that overall health depends on the following foundations:

  • Nutrition & Heathy Habits
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise, Activity, & Movement
  • Mindset and Motivation
  • Meaningful Connections

Our philosophy of these five foundations is that they feed and depend on each other, so when one is out of whack, the others falter as a ripple effect. We have also realized that fad diets are Not Sustainable. We believe that what some identify as setbacks or failures are just areas of improvement. There is an old adage that the biggest room in the house is room for improvement. We are confident that those we work with can not only improve, but excel at making significant and powerful changes that will leave them feeling happier and fulfilled.

The foundations are equally important, yet we tend to concentrate on some and not others. Understanding their interconnectedness and nurturing them ALL is key to vital health. Keeping them in balance is an ongoing quest.

Each speaking engagement is custom designed for each client with our underlying philosophy as the blueprint.

Who Can Benefit from a Health and Nutrition Speaker?

  • A business that wants its employees to be more productive and get sick less often.
  • A gym health club that wants to offer a motivational and educational event for their clients.
  • A health and wellness conference that wants a healthy message delivered in a unique way.
  • A women’s conference or event, that wants its participants to feel excited and energized to get back or into a healthy lifestyle.
  • A community group that wants an engaging discussion of health and wellness.
  • A doctor that wants to introduce nourishing ways of eating and self care to patients.
  • A school that wants to engage their students in learning about nutrient dense foods and how to live a nourishing lifestyle.