About Me

I started my business in March 2018 due to my mother. I have always been health conscious and heavily involved with living a healthy lifestyle and working out. My mother was diagnosed with being diabetic around the fall of 2016 and it changed my outlook on life because I saw how much my mother was suffering. She experienced symptoms such as dizziness & temporary loss of vision. She was on a few medications prescribed via her doctor. I decided to halt my my mother from all medications after doing research on holistic healers that found a solution to cure diabetes naturally as I felt the medications were not helping her. I wanted to help my mother so she can live a healthier and longer lifestyle. I changed her to diet to more of a vegetarian/pescatarian lifestyle and began making her burdock root tea daily. A littler over a year later her doctor told her she was pre-diabetic after me changing her diet to mainly fruits & vegetables & incorporating burdock root tea.

Once I realized the tea/diet helped my mother I decided that I wanted to help others as well but I also wanted to spread knowledge about teas I am a tea lover! We can heal our bodies with herbs holistically and I want to help my clients live a better wellness lifestyle.